We’re Back!

We are back from Vacation! We had so much fun, but we are glad to be home. We missed our dogs!!  Our trip was a whirlwind of craziness both good and bad, but more on that later.  We are so excited to share our pictures from our trip to Costa Rica but until then here is a sneak peek of the beach we were staying on right after the sunset..  This photo was taken from 12 frames and then photomerged into one panoramic photo.

A couple things happened in the online world while were away.  First Grey Likes Weddings Published one of our favorite engagement shoots from this year. Melissa and Dan are such a cute couple, we were so happy to receive an email from Grey Likes Weddings telling us their engagement shoot was featured on their blog while we were away.  We tried to stay away from work while we were on vacation, hence why we are just sharing this now.

The other thing that happened online while we were away was that OUR pictures were posted online.  Being photographers, we never have photographs taken of ourselves. So for our anniversary this year we hired Miami photographer Ozzy Garcia to take our photos.  Most of them are for personal use but some will be featured on our website and our new blog, which is coming soon. Check out the pictures below.



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