Erin and Danny are married!!!

Erin and Danny were married on September 19, 2009 on Anna Maria Island.  This wedding was a first for a few things.  One, it rained while we taking photos on the beach. Thank goodness is was only a short little shower, but after the rain there was a beautiful rainbow above the venue.  And second, I have lived in Florida my whole life and I have never seen sea turtles hatch.  Well, what a better place to sea turtles hatch than at a wedding.  While we were taking the second batch of photos, since we got rained out the first time,  a nest of sea turtles hatched right in front of the house!!!!!! It was the cutest thing ever, they are so little.  With that said, it was a great wedding, a small intimate affair at a cute little house on the beach.

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